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The Life Legacy Center is looking to foster strategic partnerships with clinics, physicians, midwives, counselors, attorneys, and volunteers to promote and execute its vision.


Corporate sponsorship in the forms of financial support and resources (real estate, diapers, formula, clothing, food, etc.) is welcomed and tremendously appreciated.  


The Life Legacy Center will produce champions in honoring God and their bodies, cultivating their minds, parenting their children, and prospering in life.


The Life Legacy Center is today’s solution to preserve, nourish, and invest in life and inject hope and anticipate great promise for many tomorrows to come.


What if there were no more ‘tomorrows’ to look forward to? 

What if we were suspended in today, with no hope of it ending and bringing into existence the beauty of a brand-new day?  

What if someone had the capacity, ability, and nefarious intentions to threaten to rob the world of ever seeing another tomorrow? 


Would we unite and fight to preserve the natural order of transitioning from today to tomorrow, which is a part of the cycle of life? 

Of course, we could never imagine a life with no escape from today and without the promise of tomorrow. 

Today conceives tomorrow, with there never being a threat to miscarry or abort, so that tomorrow is not born.  Today is the womb that delicately carries, develops, and births tomorrow.  During the 24-hour gestation period, there is always anticipation for the promise of tomorrow and what it will bring.

From the beginning of time, God designed His highest form of creation to manifest this hope, purpose, vision, and destiny in the earth.  Of course, the precious gift of human life is the highest form of creation.  

Life itself represents the world’s tomorrow…the future.  If properly nurtured, each life that is created in the womb has the potential and power to contribute to the brilliance of tomorrow and leave a legacy for generations to come.


Though human life is sacred and highly esteemed by God who fashioned each life after His own image, the culture of today has diminished its value and has been successful with threatening the true potential that resides in tomorrow by hindering the preservation of life.  

We are a 501 c3 Organization

All Donations are Tax Deductible


The Life Legacy Center is the voice, advocate, and benefactor for tomorrow.


The investment in today creates greater potential for the hope, purpose, vision, and destiny that tomorrow will deliver.

Nursing the promise of tomorrow back to life and reviving hope for a brilliant future!

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The Life Legacy Center recognizes that the womb is a sanctuary that should not be invaded and desecrated, as it is intricately engineered by God to be a secure home to incubate life…our tomorrow.

The Life Legacy Center offers:

  • Parental, community and pre-teen/teen educational and counseling services to preempt pre-teen/teen unwed pregnancies and celebrate sexual purity 

  • Non-judgmental Christian based forums on what the word of God says about the confines of sex and the sanctity of life, and the organization’s role to shift the culture 

  • Training and resources to assist teen and adult unwed mothers and fathers, who are in crisis during the pregnancy and post pregnancy phases in a safe, judgment free and loving environment.  

    • Training equips both the mother and the father to be responsible and accountable parents 

    • Training includes vocational classes and career planning, leading to skills that will facilitate independence

    • Training promotes fiscal responsibility and other life skills, so participants go beyond surviving and thrive

    • Training adequately teaches both the mother and father to be sexually responsible and avert the cycle of repeated unwed pregnancies 

    • Resources include testing, counseling, pre- and post-natal care and adoption options

    • Temporary, no-cost housing is provided as necessary for the mothers accepted into the program

Our Founder

B. Dwayne Hardin

Founded by B. Dwayne Hardin, The Life Legacy Center, headquartered in Atlanta, GA is a national program that was formed with a mission and mandate to rescue, revive and save tomorrow.

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